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Luciferian Witchcraft 
05:40pm 12/08/2006
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Hello, people. I've decided to devote some MUCH-NEEDED time in promoting this community and perhaps building it up a bit, so, I'm going to ask everyone who reads this to "spread the word". If you live in the Jacksonville area, and are interested in the occult then please feel free to contribute. Also, I'd like to ask the few people currently here to look through their friend's list and see if they know of anyone who might be interested.Point them here, have them sign up, let's start networking here, people!

Here's a question to get things started, on a round-table disussion sort of path. What is your interest in the occult? What sparked your interest in it? Do you practice any of the so-called "occult arts" or is it just something you find fascinating to study on?

Starting next week, I would like to start doing a "weekly round-table", wherein someone picks a topic and we all discuss it at length.

Thoughts/opinions on this?
Quick Introduction 
04:23pm 10/04/2005
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Name: Loryn Age: 27 Occult Interests: None, really. I'm just kinda into whatever is out there, or may be out there. What would you like to gain from this community?: As Joni Mitchell said: "I’m frightened by the devil, And I’m drawn to those ones that ain’t afraid" What would you like to bring to this community?: Whatever I can bring would be great. I have experianced encounters with ghosts & have interest in people who believe in external forces outside of what science can explain and I have always held interest in the unexplainable. So yeah. Hi!
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06:21am 10/04/2005
  Name: Matt Ferrell
Age: 22
Occult Interests: Ghosts/Spirits/Hauntings
What would you like to gain from this community?: Knowledge, info and good conversation.
What would you like to bring to this community?: Knowledge, info and good conversation.
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Jacksonville Occult Society 
12:16am 05/04/2005
  Greetings to everyone who may have found this community. First off, allow me to introduce myself, I am your host, vovinoiad. Some of you know me "in real life", others don't, feel free at any time to get in touch with me to change that if you'd like.

I'm setting this community up as a sort of "information-gathering and sharing nexus" for anyone in the city of Jacksonville, Florida (or it's immediate metropolitan area) for everyone who has an interest in the occult.

Please note: This community is NOT biased towards or against any one branch of the occult, and, as such, it is NOT:

-- A Wiccan/Pagan community.
-- A Satanist community.
-- An "any other religion or philosophy you can think of" community.

I do not mean to say that those who hold those viewpoints are unwelcome. More the opposite, in that ALL creeds, beliefs, and faiths are welcome, as long as the individual has an interest in the occult.

Webster's dictionary has the following definition for "occult", which is elegantly simple and more than adequate for me :

"Matters regarded as involving the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers or some secret knowledge of them."
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